April 10, 2021

Matt Harvey fears his baseball end (New York Post)

Matt Harvey headed back to the East Coast in March at the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, traveling to his sister’s house in Rhode Island.

But unlike any spring since he got drafted by the Mets in 2010, Harvey didn’t leave a spring training site. Rather, he had been throwing at his agent Scott Boras’ facility in southern California.

After working out for the Blue Jays in Connecticut in February, Harvey wasn’t offered a contract. He’s still looking for a new team — a challenge that’s been heightened by the sport being shut down by COVID-19.

Although he’s only 31 years old and is injury-free, the former ace admits he’s considered the possibility he may not get another chance.

“I have thought about it here and there,” Harvey told The Post by phone in a recent interview. “I haven’t not had a job in 10 years. It’s definitely different, but it’s exciting at the same time because I feel so good mechanically.

“I hope somebody gives me a shot. I feel like I have many more years in me.”

The last few haven’t been kind to the right-hander, who burst onto the New York scene in 2012, exploded into a superstar and started the All-Star Game…

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