April 12, 2021

An 82-game season? A universal DH? Key takeaways from MLB’s 2020 proposal (ESPN)

MLB owners approved a proposal that aims to have Major League Baseball back in early July, sources told ESPN. Commissioner Rob Manfred reportedly plans to present the proposal to players Tuesday.

While player safety playing during the coronavirus pandemic and financial questions about compensation for a shortened season will be at the top of the priority list, details about the season are also taking shape ahead of Tuesday’s expected meeting. ESPN.com’s Bradford Doolittle, Jesse Rogers and David Schoenfield examine how that shorter 2020 season could look by weighing in on everything from the expected 82-game length of the regular season and expanded playoffs to 2020 rule changes that could include a universal DH and a revamped extra-innings format.

What would be the most exciting part of a shorter 82-game season?

Bradford Doolittle: Everyone has a chance. Well, not quite, but pretty close. On a per-game basis, teams aren’t any better or worse than they would have been in a normal season. But the hidden factor that flows beneath every season looms much larger in a half-season scenario: Randomness. It’s not something I’d advocate for under normal circumstances. These are nothing if…

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