April 12, 2021

Boras Argues Against “Renegotiation” Of 2020 Salary Terms (MLB Trade Rumors)

While most of his peers stay out of the spotlight, super-agent Scott Boras has as usual been less than shy about sharing his opinion during the coronavirus pandemic. Boras spoke again today with SI.com’s Stephanie Apstein, espousing a firm position for players in their negotiations with Major League Baseball.

To be sure, Boras largely echoed union chief Tony Clark in terms of takeaway. Both are holding the line that they won’t accept a salary cut pegged to 2020 revenues, as the owners are set to propose. And they each maintain that a late-March MLB-MLBPA agreement determined that players should receive pro rata pay for any games played, regardless whether fans are in attendance.

So, why highlight his latest comments?

As I recently explained in covering the still-developing dispute between league and labor regarding that late-March deal, the issue boils down to some strange ambiguity that appears in the contract. While a “player compensation” section provides for straightforward…

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