April 12, 2021

Players Weigh In On Plans For 2020 Season (MLB Trade Rumors)

As the league and union engage in some pre-bargaining media battles regarding player pay in a coronavirus-altered 2020 season, it’s worth remembering that health and safety remain the top priorities. Many of the players themselves have emphasized as much in recent public comments.

Athletics southpaw Jake Diekman is among those focused on health precautions, as Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle writes. He’s potentially at risk due to his ulcerative colitis condition and is also concerned with the well-being of his young family.

Testing could offer a means of dealing with the matter. Diekman conveyed optimism over starting up a campaign. But he also noted the need to consider broader public health considerations, posing the question: “if they’re going to test us all the time, are we taking tests from people who really need it?”

Fellow lefty Sean Doolittle of the Nationals also weighed in with a long and thoughtful Twitter thread. He focused on both the many potential ways…

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