April 12, 2021

The 9 greatest games in fantasy baseball history (ESPN)

Baseball has a long and rich history, more so than any of the four major professional sports. When we talk about “greatest games,” many that come to mind will be those from the distant past, or during the postseason.

Who can forget Harvey Haddix’s near-perfect game, 12 consecutive innings without allowing a single baserunner (before ultimately losing in the 13th) in 1959? How about Jim Bottomley’s six-hit, 12-RBI feat of domination at the bat in 1924? Maybe it’s Don Larsen’s World Series perfect game? Or, if you’re a baseball die-hard, perhaps you’d nominate Rennie Stennett’s record seven hits in a nine-inning game in 1975, or Johnny Burnett’s record nine hits in a single game of any length in 1932, as the greatest?

I’d argue, however, that it was fantasy baseball’s invention in 1980 — 40 years ago — that turned the microscope on individual, single-day performances. Never before did baseball fans notice — and more importantly, truly appreciate — these efforts as much as they did once they counted in their league’s championship quests. So for this column’s purposes, we’re going to narrow the scope: We present the greatest single-day, single-player performances in…

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