April 10, 2021

What to expect from pivotal meeting (New York Post)

A virtual meeting was set for Tuesday afternoon at which MLB would present its proposal to top officials from the Players Association concerning how to return the game to the field.

The expectation was that the meeting would begin at 2:30 p.m. with an MLB group led by commissioner Rob Manfred taking the union item by item through issues covering finances, health, amendments to the game and everything else that MLB has worked out with hopes of returning to spring training by mid-June and to the regular season by early July.

Those with history in negotiations between these sides say that the familiar pattern is that MLB will present and the union will essentially be in listening mode, with occasional questions or requests for clarification. The Players Association then usually does not respond at all, but rather gives a time/date that they will come back with more questions and/or a counter.

In addition, the history of significant negotiations such as those involving the collective bargaining agreement is that the sides try to gain momentum by tackling the easiest issues first.

If this pattern is followed here, then there will be no pyrotechnics in which union executive…

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