April 12, 2021

Yankees’ Montana Semmel helping fight coronavirus in Stamford (New York Post)

Let’s face it: Many professional athletes, their lives upended like the rest of us due to the coronavirus, exist in isolation not only from their previous existences, but also from the suffering that so many people have endured.

Montana Semmel is not such a professional athlete. Accordingly, he’s doing what he can to help.

Semmel, a 36th-round draft pick by the Yankees last year out of Westhill High School in Stamford, Conn., has a couple of friends who have lost grandmothers to COVID-19. The righty pitcher’s cousin Christin Lucia works as a head nurse at Stamford Hospital.

“It’s bad up here,” Semmel, who is with his family in Stamford, said last week in a telephone interview.

Furthermore, Semmel avoided a close encounter with the disease at Yankees camp only because of a different tragedy. For sure, the 18-year-old has experienced more than his share of pandemic adventures.

So you can understand why it proved a no-brainer for Semmel to do his part. After huddling with his family and his representatives at the Beverly Hills Sports Council, Semmel decided to raise money for Stamford Health’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fund. He is using his Twitter account to…

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