April 12, 2021

Dodgers: Alex Wood Slams Former All-Star Over Player Pay Comments (Dodgers Nation)

What else is Twitter good for other than an old fashioned player beef? The Dodgers’ Alex Wood had plenty of words to say to Mark Teixeira after he made some comments on player pay in the middle of MLB trying to get games going. 

The initial comment from Teixeira was made to ESPN in regard to players fighting to get their full pay from teams this year. MLB owners have already said that they would not be paying player’s full salaries, and several options have surfaced.

Players need to understand that if they turn this deal down and shut the sport down, they’re not making a cent. I would rather make pennies on the dollar and give hope to people and play baseball than not make anything and lose an entire year off their career.

The Dodgers pitchers’ response was classic.

The good news is that Wood recognizes one comment does not define an entire person. The bad news is that Teixeira’s comments were pretty ridiculous. It’s a lot easier for a guy that made over $200 million throughout…

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