April 11, 2021

How good would Mike Trout be in the KBO? We have the numbers (ESPN)

If you like watching professional baseball, the KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) League ought to be your thing right now. The general level of play isn’t the same as Major League Baseball or even Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). But that misses the point entirely; it’s a very different atmosphere than Major League Baseball, with wild bat flips, crowd-participating cheer songs — when there actually is a crowd — and a kind of all-in style you don’t always see in the oh-so-serious major leagues. NCAA basketball and football are compelling watches in a similar way, even though nobody really believes that Gonzaga has a better roster than this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers or that LSU and Ohio State can truly hang with even the Cincinnati Bengals.

In MLB, there are always a large number of players on the fringe between the majors and Triple-A who have trouble getting sustained chances to stay in the majors because, well, teams are trying to win games. Japan has been a popular destination for these types for decades, and Korea has become an increasingly viable new baseball home for many American players, offering an opportunity to hone their craft for better pay, and with more…

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