January 20, 2021

Meet the stay-at-home dad turned international expert on Korean baseball (ESPN)

Dan Kurtz woke up last Tuesday morning to a message he never dreamed of getting. Your site crashed.

He opened Twitter on his smartphone and saw that nearly a dozen other people had reported the same issue. While Kurtz slept in Washington state, the Korea Baseball Organization began its season, regaling an entire planet that craved real, live sports in a time without Major League Baseball. Kurtz’s website, MyKBO.net, was suddenly more popular than ever. Kurtz himself — a 40-year-old, stay-at-home father of three who identifies as a fan and nothing else — had instantly become a highly sought-after authority on the subject. A day later, he still hadn’t come to grips with it all.

“This,” Kurtz said, “is blowing my mind.”

Kurtz was born in Seoul, the metropolitan capital of South Korea, but was adopted by a Mennonite family in rural Pennsylvania when he was 4 months old. He grew up idolizing Mike Schmidt and watching the Philadelphia Phillies‘ nearby Double-A affiliate in Reading. But he gained an affection for Korea’s professional baseball league while living in his native country at the turn of the century. His fandom manifested into a homemade website for English-speaking…

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