April 12, 2021

MLB doesn’t make economic proposal in lengthy meeting with union (New York Post)

MLB did not make a formal economic proposal as part of its presentation Tuesday to the Players Association on how it sees restarting the season.

The sides met for 90 minutes, broke, then continued for another hour, with MLB focusing heavily on the protocols for how it believes it could keep the players and support staff safe and healthy should they return to a second spring training in about a month.

The union had anticipated MLB would include its proposal for a 50-50 revenue share with players this season rather than the prorated salaries the Players Association is expecting its membership to receive. MLB did make a presentation about its perception of economics in the game this year, however there was no proposal on salary reduction or revenue sharing as had been expected.

The sides did not make a set day to pick up talks, but MLB was expected to provide even more information to the union as early as Wednesday about health and safety issues, with the coronavirus pandemic still causing substantial illness and death in the country. Both sides recognize there cannot be a season without confidence that safety and health risks are minimal, that there is a plan in place for…

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