April 11, 2021

MLB-union reopening talks: Seven key questions answered (New York Post)

On Tuesday, high-ranking representatives from Major League Baseball and the Players Association held a virtual meeting to begin official negotiations for a plan to bring the game back. Surely you have some questions. The Post’s Ken Davidoff has your answers.

Q: So Rob Manfred and his deputies made their first sales pitch to Tony Clark and his deputies. What happens next?

A: As The Post’s Joel Sherman reported, what typically transpires in this process is the PA folks listen to MLB’s presentation, hopefully remember to thank their partners/adversaries and take a short period of time to huddle before setting up another get-together at which they’ll issue a counterproposal.

Q: What sort of timetable are we looking at here?

A: In order to start the season by early July, as is the current ambition, they’d really have to firm up a plan by the end of May to get ready for a mid-June spring training. So they have about 2 ¹/₂ weeks to work this out if they really want to play as many games as possible.

Q: What will be the biggest hurdles to making a deal?

That’s easy. Ensuring safety in this unprecedented time and settling on player compensation. Remember,…

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