April 11, 2021

Chicago White Sox: Offense is Poised for a Breakout Season (Baseball Essential)

The Chicago White Sox have one of the most compelling rebuilds in Major League Baseball, and the featured element of that intrigue, their offense, is about to have a breakout season.

The White Sox have been loaded around the diamond for years, and last season their offense showed signs of growth.

Tim Anderson had an electric year at the plate, hitting .335 while posting an .865 OPS and 129 OPS+; the shortstop won the MLB batting title. He’s a scrappy, contact hitter, Chicago’s headman, and is establishing himself as one of the best offensive infielders in baseball.

Yoan Moncada‘s career took a complete 180 in 2019. He was moved from second to third base and endured astronomical growth at the plate. Hitting .315 while posting a .915 OPS and 141 OPS+, he was a force to be reckoned with from both sides of the plate.

Eloy Jimenez destroyed everything thrown at him last season — or at least it felt that way. Blasting 31 home runs while posting a 47.9 percent hard-hit percentage, which ranked in the top eight percent in the sport, he was a vibrant bat in the middle of manager Rick Renteria‘s offense.

Jose Abreu is the 33-year-old ol’ reliable in the room. He remains one…

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