January 20, 2021

The moment Pete Alonso knew he could break rookie HR record (New York Post)

It was Aug. 18 when it hit Pete Alonso. He had a shot at history, at becoming the game’s all-time leading home run hitter as a rookie.

“I think it really set in after I hit No. 40 in Kansas City, where it’s like, ‘Holy s–t, I got a chance at this,’ ” he recalled on SNY’s “The Cookie Club” Mets podcast on Wednesday.

As much as Alonso wanted the record — which he achieved last Sept. 28, when he went deep for the 53rd time, breaking Yankees slugger Aaron Judge’s record of 52 set in 2017 — he refused to just look for the long ball. The Mets were still in the wild-card race.

“If there’s a guy on second, I got to try and get a base hit and move him over,” he said. “I can’t just try and hit homers. I got to be a good hitter first. Chasing a personal accolade and chasing a playoff berth I feel like those are two totally opposite [things]. It’s a conflict of interest, because one is very, very personal and the other thing is extremely team-related. For me, I tried the best that I could to be just a great team player.

“Just staying within myself helped me get that chance to hit 52 and 53.”

Alonso hit his 50th on Sept. 20, but only one…

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