April 11, 2021

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Understanding of Blake Snell’s Comments on Pay (Dodgers Nation)

Earlier this week, Rays’ pitcher Blake Snell made some interesting comments on the state of Major League Baseball and what it would take to get him to play. Snell was adamant that the league would make sure that their contracts are paid out, and that he would not play without that money. Dodgers pitchers Clayton Kershaw wasn’t willing to go as far as to agree, but he understands. 

Making an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, the Dodgers ace commented on Snell’s outburst on Twitch. 

He was probably a little bold in what he said but we’ve already made a pay concession. We’re going to get paid prorated based on the shortened season and I thought that was what we decided as a union. Obviously, not having fans changes things for some owners but we’re still playing the same game.

It’s not that Kershaw directly agrees with the sentiment communicated by Snell, we want to make that clear and have no desire to put words into his mouth. However, he is right when he says that the league and players already came to an agreement on player pay reductions based on the length of the season. And now, the league wants to reduce pay even further. 

It seems to be a sore…

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