April 12, 2021

MLB Announces Plan For When Players Contract COVID (Dodgers Nation)

Fans around baseball have been wondering plenty of things that need to go into making a season work. MLB has already laid out a proposal to the player’s union to get games going, but there are still many things that need to be agreed upon. 

While the financial side of things remains a struggle, the plan to protect player’s health is another constant concern. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred appeared on CNN today and he outlined a plan on how to deal with the coronavirus in the league. 

The KBO has adopted a strategy that includes shutting down their league for three weeks should a player test positive. MLB has opted against that method and instead gone for a more direct approach. Players who test positive will quarantined and will have to test positive twice in order to return to play.

Players will get their testing done from a Utah based facility that MLB helped covert to a coronavirus test lab, likely when they participated in the COVID-19 study….

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