January 20, 2021

MLB could lose up to $4 billion if there is no season (New York Post)

A 2020 without Major League Baseball would lead to losses for the industry that “could approach $4 billion,” commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday night.

In an interview on CNN’s “AC360” with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Manfred also expressed hope that he and his Players Association equivalent Tony Clark could find common ground on economic terms for a shortened baseball season, laid out the health and safety protocols that already have been proposed to the union and expressed support for any player who opted out of this experiment due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Manfred and his deputies held a virtual meeting Tuesday with Clark and his deputies, the first formal get-together to go over the launch of this season like no other, with no new talks scheduled yet. The two sides primarily dialogued about health and safety, with the union asking for additional information, rather than the fiscal conundrum, saving those tender talks for later.

“I think that whenever there’s a discussion about economics, publicly people tend to characterize it as a fight,” Manfred said. “For me personally, I have great confidence that we’ll reach an agreement…

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