April 12, 2021

MLB’s restart issues go beyond healthy and safety and money (New York Post)

Think of health and safety as Mount Everest and how to pay the players as Mount Kilimanjaro — or vice versa.

These are the mammoth issues confronting MLB and the Players Association, when it comes to re-starting the game (they hope with spring training in less than a month). MLB has opened with health and safety because a) that is a better public first step than squabbling over money and b) practically there is no reason to squabble over money if MLB does not know for sure the vast majority of the players will return under a negotiated health and safety plan.

The belief is that all the other issues can be worked out if these two main items are resolved. But there are a lot of mountains to climb, not a lot of time to scale them and no indicators yet that firm proposals and back and forth talks have been undertaken in the other areas. A few that intrigue me:

1. Will there be a trade deadline? One NL executive said this week, “It is hard to tell a player he has been traded in good times – how about, ‘you’ve been traded in a pandemic?’” There is much to think about in this area.

In, say, an 82-game season, when is the right time to set a deadline? If a player…

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