April 12, 2021

Yankees’ Brian Cashman still stewing over Astros’ cheating (New York Post)

The Yankees had been scheduled to face the Astros for the first time during the 2020 season beginning Friday in Houston.

Whatever revenge they might be looking for in the wake of the sign-stealing scandal that rocked MLB over the winter will have to wait due to the coronavirus pandemic, but general manager Brian Cashman made it clear Thursday he’s still not over the controversy.

And his disappointment isn’t just directed at the Astros, who used their trash can-banging system to help them beat the Yankees in the 2017 ALCS en route to a World Series victory.

“There is a little bit of frustration,” Cashman said, crediting online sleuth Jomboy for “decoding” the trash can system by pouring over game videos to find the evidence.

“Frustration after the fact that Jomboy, for instance, put out online and decoded after the A’s Mike Fiers revealed [to The Athletic] what was transpiring [in Houston],’’ Cashman said. “Frustration in, ‘Wow, we knew something was going on and we complained about it.’ But we didn’t have the fact of what the specifics [were] and once you saw it playing out, once it was decoded, you say, ‘How could we have not have figured…

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