April 17, 2021

Alex Rodriguez makes controversial plea to save MLB season (New York Post)

Alex Rodriguez’s bid to become an MLB owner may be over for now, but the former slugger sure is acting like one.

Rodriguez, who recently flirted with buying the Mets, implored players on Friday to cave into the owners’ demands and accept a 50 percent split of the revenue MLB earns in the currently paused 2020 season. It is an issue at the heart of the owners’ proposal to begin an 82-game regular season in July.

“Players want to play. Fans want to watch,” Rodriguez said in a video posted to Twitter. “And at the end of the day, if you don’t play today, you don’t win tomorrow, because hopefully, we don’t have another situation like this. This is like beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. I just urge the players and owners to think collectively. If there’s $100 in the pie, like the NBA, players take $50, owners take $50. And we give it to the fans. We thank the fans of baseball.”

Players are wary a revenue share would likely lead to a salary cap, which the union has long fought against. The union is also ticked off because in its view the MLB is reneging on a March agreement that said payers would receive a prorated portion of their 2020 salaries…

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