April 12, 2021

DJ LeMahieu not stressing his Yankees future amid coronavirus (New York Post)

Judging by what we learned about DJ LeMahieu, the person, in his first season with the Yankees last year, the answer he provided when asked his thoughts on becoming a free agent come November wasn’t about him.

“I don’t know how free agency is going to go. I’m more concerned with this season,’’ LeMahieu in an email exchange with The Post. “Hopefully we can get out there on the field soon and play as many games as possible this season. I think it would be a huge boost for New York and our country.’’

Whether the 2020 season is played or not, LeMahieu will become a free agent in a climate unlike anything the game has ever seen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to cause clubs to hemorrhage money and that will surely impact what dollars are available for free agents. Add to that if a season is played it will be a lot shorter than the normal 162 games. How will clubs evaluate players in such a condensed timeframe? And if there isn’t a season what does that do for any evaluation?

During spring training, LeMahieu told The Post’s Ken Davidoff, “Obviously I love it here’’ and said he was open to talking to the front office about staying in The…

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