April 21, 2021

Gary Sanchez is closer to overcoming his greatest Yankees flaw (New York Post)

Read any good books during quarantine?

I reached deep in my bookshelf and grabbed “The Fielding Bible: Volume III,” by John Dewan and Ben Jedlovec of Baseball Info Solutions. On page 63, I found this:

“The most important defensive impact a catcher can have, that we’ve found we can measure, involves the ability to prevent runner advancement on wild pitches and passed balls. Nothing separates the better catchers than the worse ones more than this.”

Would it surprise you that, as I processed these sentences, Gary Sanchez came to mind?

Alas, this book came out in 2012. “Volume V” launched earlier this year. Jedlovec now works for Major League Baseball. The company Baseball Info Solutions no longer exists, having expanded and changed its name to Sports Info Solutions.

And that breakdown of catchers’ defensive impact? It no longer holds.

If you’re one of the countless Yankees fans who attribute hair loss, weight gain and general malaise to watching Sanchez don the pinstriped tools of ignorance, you shouldn’t be viewed as delusional or unreasonable. The 27-year-old, his obvious talents notwithstanding, ranks as one of the more maddening, polarizing players…

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