April 18, 2021

How MLB proposes to deal with coronavirus health concerns (New York Post)

MLB delivered its 67-page “2020 Operations Manual” to the Players Association on Friday night in which the league provided guidelines, from no spitting to discouraging players from leaving hotels on the road.

MLB had briefed the union on many of the items in a Tuesday tele-meeting and in subsequent follow-up discussions. The commissioner’s office still considers even this document — which was obtained by The Post — a draft that reflects the counsel of its medical advisors. MLB expects amendments after hearing back from teams and the union on the content. And, of course, the union has to agree to these conditions to return to play.

MLB is hoping to resume spring training in mid-June and the regular season in the first week of July, in a combination of home stadiums and spring sites. Central to the plan sent to the union is regular testing for COVID-19 and its related antibodies of all players, other on-field personnel (managers, coaches, umpires) and a limited number of essential staff who come in close proximity to players. The hope drawn out in the plan is to quickly and proactively identify any tested person who contracts coronavirus to diminish the risk of…

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