April 21, 2021

MLB’s thoughtful coronavirus plan shows how risky this all is (New York Post)

The answers just might be in those 67 pages. Unfortunately, so are all the difficulties.

MLB sent the union a “2020 Operations Manual” to cover the protocols designed to restart the game with health and safety. The 67 pages delivered Friday night are an exhaustive effort covering items as large as testing for COVID-19 and as small as the best practices for rosin bags and hitting donuts.

There are multiple diagrams meant to provide social-distancing recommendations for items, from sitting in the dugout to organizing pitchers’ fielding practice in spring training.

Even with all the detail, MLB considers this document a draft based on its medical advisors counsel that will be chiseled further with recommendations from teams and the union.

It’s impressive.

It’s also depressive.

Because any reader of the document will be reminded of just how many needles will have to be thread in how many places to not just restart the game, but keep it going for several months to resolution. Now add all the competing voices and agendas — not just in baseball, but government and medicine. Now add the money component. Now — most vitally — add a virus not bound by rules.


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