April 21, 2021

How MLB’s new scheduling plan could affect fantasy strategy (New York Post)

With every new plan Major League Baseball tosses out for discussion, fantasy baseball owners get more and more antsy, not just wondering when the 2020 season will begin, but also what thinking they need to adjust to put forth a winning year.

The latest realignment plan has them scrapping the American and National League banners and merging the divisions by region. The AL East and the NL East will be combined, while the Centrals and the Wests follow suit to create three primary divisions. Travel wear-and-tear will be reduced, and players will not have to stray too far from home on road trips during this current crisis. For fantasy purposes, this realignment sets up for some interesting drafting.

Who wouldn’t want to see Mike Trout routinely batting at Coors Field? Or how about a series of pitching duels between Jacob deGrom and Gerrit Cole? But though all of that sound delicious from a baseball fan’s standpoint, for fantasy, you want to start living in the Central division.

The East and the West divisions have their share of hitter-friendly ballparks. You have the aforementioned Coors Field along with Camden Yards and Rogers Centre. You also happen to have some of the…

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