April 12, 2021

MLB’s Losses For Games Without Fans Are HUGE (Dodgers Nation)

MLB will likely get games going eventually, barring any setbacks with the players’ health and financial compensations. The league has already been working with the Player’s Union throughout the week to make sure that is possible. But there is a whole other side of finances that MLB is going to feel once the proverbial ball gets rolling.

It was calculated that MLB will lose about $640,000 per game played without fans in seats. That was what the league used as an explanation as to players on why their salaries were being prorated. The commissioner reportedly presented that information to the player’s union this week.

Teams say the proposed method of salvaging a season delayed by the coronavirus pandemic would still cause a $4 billion loss and would give major league players 89% of revenue. –The Associated Press

For you Dodgers fans keeping score at home, the team’s local revenue loss would sit at $232 million for the year when you consider games without fans. That number would represent close to a forty percent revenue loss from 2019, based on available numbers. It’s no wonder MLB owners are scrambling to make something happen.

MLB has already presented…

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