April 22, 2021

Report: MLB Projects $4 Billion Loss In 2020 Due To Empty-Stadium Games (MLB Trade Rumors)

Playing an 82-game season without fans in attendance and with players still making prorated salaries would cost Major League Baseball over $4 billion in free cash flow, as per a document presented from the commissioner’s office to the MLB Players Association earlier this week, The Associated Press reports.

Beyond the obvious medical and health concerns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of player pay has been one of the major obstacles in any attempt to launch the 2020 season.  The league has made the argument that players will need to accept further salary cuts than the ones already absorbed by the MLBPA as part of the March agreement between the two sides, as going ahead with a season without the added revenues of fans at ballparks would create too much of a financial burden for the league.  The players, on the other hand, have argued that the March agreement has already settled the matter, as players were to received a prorated version of their original 2020…

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