May 27, 2020

Brodie Van Wagenen won’t feel cheated in Mets tenure (New York Post)

Consider this series of events, not at all out of the realm of possibility:

  • The 2020 Major League Baseball season doesn’t launch, due to circumstances either within or beyond the owners’ and players’ control.
  • The Wilpons finally sell the Mets.
  • The Mets’ new owner opts to hire a new general manager for 2021.

Don’t fret for Brodie Van Wagenen, the Mets’ current GM. His contract, guaranteed, takes him through 2022. Yet if his tenure as a baseball operations boss gets abbreviated to something that could be captured in a Quibi documentary, what would we make of it?

Let’s hope for society’s sake that baseball does happen this year, that Van Wagenen receives more games to test his work. No matter what happens, however, the agent-turned-executive already has established a legacy of sorts:

Whether he sinks, swims or just winds up shortened, Van Wagenen will do so betting on himself.

At his introductory news conference at Citi Field in November 2018, Van Wagenen, describing what life would be like under him, dropped three adjectives that stood out: fearless, relentless and proactive. Later that day, he traded Jarred Kelenic and four other players to the Mariners…

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