September 26, 2020

Ron Darling sounds off on MLB restart concerns, Mets 2020 outlook (New York Post)

Mets icon and current SNY analyst Ron Darling talks with Post columnist Steve Serby about baseball’s potential return from the pandemic and what it might look like:

Q: Do you believe baseball can pull this off and give us a season?
A: Put all the sports in there. I think it’s very difficult. Baseball is unique, that it’s every single day. It’s different from some of the other sports, of course. Can they pull it off? Yes. Do I think they’re gonna pull it off? Absolutely. Do I think it’s the right idea? Not sure about that. But if you had to ask me: Are they gonna find a way to get the games and play these games? I would say I think they’re gonna do it.

Q: If you were a player today, what would be your biggest source of apprehension and concern?
A: I think you gotta look at it two different ways. I was single for the first four, five years of my career. So I would look at it a lot different. I think I would just think that, “OK, I don’t have a family, I’ll just make sure I stay away from family, and I will just quarantine myself” — the ballpark, apartments, house, whatever it is, and that’s it. Stay in, not go out … just what I’m doing right…

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