March 8, 2021

Manfred Warned Clark Of Possible Season Shutdown (MLB Trade Rumors)

It sounds as if there’s serious contemplation of a potential end to the just-launched 2020 MLB campaign. Per Jeff Passan of, commissioner Rob Manfred informed MLBPA chief Tony Clark that the league could halt the campaign if problematic recent developments aren’t turned around.

While this could and may yet become a contentious matter, it doesn’t sound as if the message was intended as a threat. Passan labels it, instead, as a “reality check” for the sport. Both owners and players would obviously suffer financially if the season is punted.

The concerns are by now well-known. More than half of the Marlins’ active roster has come down with COVID-19 and the team isn’t playing presently. The Phillies are also on ice since they recently played the Miami org. And now two members of the Cardinals have tested positive.

More to come …

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