August 14, 2020

The return of baseball to Yankee Stadium: ‘Quite a journey’ (New York Post)


Home, triumphantly.

Yes, we all know that Major League Baseball, mirroring the United States of America, is teetering on the verge of cancellation, too many participants and practitioners not respecting the novel coronavirus’ obvious danger. Friday brought three COVID postponements, not quite how Rob Manfred and Tony Clark drew it up.

Yet if the Yankees’ formal return to Yankee Stadium Friday night, defeating the rival Red Sox, 5-1, in their home opener, didn’t serve as cause for baseball to celebrate, it sure as heck created an opportunity for New York, city and state, to take a well-deserved bow. It did just that in style, with Aaron Judge slamming his third homer in three days (and second game-winning blast in two days).

“It’s been quite a journey,” Paul Lee, the Yankees’ head team internist said.

Lee took part in magnificent pregame festivities that honored medical personnel on the front lines. With each introduction of a pandemic hero, the Yankees and Red Sox players banged metal lids, replicating the sound that became synonymous with nightly tributes — at 7 p.m., right around the time of this salute — to these folks who served the…

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