July 26, 2021

Fernando Tatis Jr. and MLB’s 100 most entertaining players (ESPN)

Fernando Tatis Jr. was wearing a microphone during a recent Padres game, chatting with the broadcasters from his shortstop position in the middle of the second-inning action. It was charming audio — hearing him encourage and coordinate with his teammates, getting a camera isolated on baseball’s most exciting player for every pitch and play — but, truthfully, most of the actual conversation stayed in the lane of typical ballplayer cliché.

Asked about managing clubhouse chemistry with a bunch of new Padres added at the trade deadline, Tatis took a breath and said what you’d expect: “Everybody’s playing for the team over here. Giving more at-bats to the guy behind you … “

Just then, the batter — Jonah Heim of the Athletics — took a wild swing and lost hold of his bat, sending the lumber down the first-base line. “Oh, s—!” Tatis exclaimed.

It was a metaphor! The typical baseball game, baseball player, baseball season is so often the cliché, and this year Tatis is so often the exclamation. At least once in any…

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