August 5, 2021

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Plans with Struggling Max Muncy (Dodgers Nation)

2020 hasn’t been kind to a lot of us, but you can add Dodgers infielder Max Muncy to that ledger for an added reason. Coming off back to back 35 home run seasons and fresh off an offseason contract extension, Muncy has struggled for the majority of the short season.

Moreover, that struggle has bled into visible frustration for America’s Slugger which has absolutely caught the attention of most Dodgers fans. Especially over the last few games.

Ahead of Monday night’s 7-2 loss in San Diego, manager Dave Roberts talked a bit about where Muncy’s headspace lies in the final stretch of the season.

I think that Max is grinding. The frustration part of it is that he hasn’t had his swing mechanics consistent for any extended period of time this season, so I think that’s the frustrating part.

Roberts was spotted embracing and giving Mad Max a pep talk over the weekend. A conversation he said was to let Muncy know he has confidence in him and to not worry about chasing numbers. As has been heard frequently with the Dodgers this season, the idea of good at-bats and “the process” are more important to the LA coaching staff.

Giving Max a Day

With that said,…

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