July 26, 2021

Dodgers Clinch a Playoff Berth With Win Over the Padres (Dodgers Nation)

In a year filled with so much uncertainty and change, it’s important to stop and soak in the little victories. For Dodgers fans, Los Angeles making the playoffs is still considered a small victory at this point. 

Regardless, the Dodgers were able to clinch a playoff berth with a win over the Padres on Wednesday. That was made possible by losses from both the Colorado Rockies as well as the Milwaukee Brewers. It is now impossible for Los Angeles to miss out on the postseason.

The 60-game season has flown by as expected, and the Dodgers are right where we expected them to be. They locked down their 35th win of the season and have a really good shot of reaching 40 wins. They also managed to leave San Diego with a 3.5 games lead in the NL West over the Padres. Winning the division isn’t the most important thing this year, but it helps set the tone.

The Dodgers will head to Colorado to start a series against the Rockies on Thursday. Los Angeles currently has Julio Urias listed to start game one on Thursday in what will…

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