July 29, 2021

Mets should sign J.T. Realmuto in Steve Cohen’s first big move (New York Post)

Many tests await Steve Cohen once he assumes control of the Mets, and for the purpose of this column, let’s assume that he’ll pass the entry exam of the approval vote by other owners.

After that, before the really heavy lifting, the first test looks easy:

Sign J.T. Realmuto.

“Wow,” Joe Girardi said Tuesday afternoon, before his Phillies opened a critical series with the Mets at Citizens Bank Park, “there’s so much.”

To be fair, I wasn’t asking Girardi about the amount of money his starting catcher Realmuto, the industry’s top free agent for the upcoming winter, should expect to pull down on the open market. Rather, I inquired of the former Yankees skipper, a catcher in his day, what impressed him most about the 29-year-old Realmuto.

“I think his durability is incredible,” said Girardi, who then acknowledged the irony of that statement, as Realmuto didn’t start Tuesday due to a mild strain of his hip flexor. “Just his preparation. A lot of times players are really gifted but [he] is really gifted and the preparation is outstanding. His homework that he does in how to get opposing hitters out. His homework that he does on when he can run and steal…

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