August 5, 2021

Miguel Andujar has a blueprint to survive his Yankees low point (New York Post)

He had lost ground due to injury. He was blocked by better players. He had minor league options. His team believed in him and would not just trade him at a low-value point to provide opportunity elsewhere.

This is Miguel Andujar’s story. What Andujar should recognize is that it also was Clint Frazier’s. And one reason Andujar is frustratingly back at the Yankees’ alternate camp is that Frazier has turned his latest opportunity into full-time big league employment.

Andujar’s representative, Ulises Cabrera, lamented to The Athletic that Andujar was sent down when the latest wave of previously injured Yankees returned to the active roster. It came with Andujar finally hitting well over the first two weeks of September. So the exasperation is understandable. Heck, Brian Cashamn understood it, saying he had “empathy” for Andujar.

But if you were the Yankees GM rather than someone getting commission from Andujar what would you do?

You wouldn’t play Andujar at third base over Gio Urshela or even DJ LeMahieu because of the defensive component. The starting corner outfielders are Frazier and Aaron Judge. Brett Gardner and Mike Tauchman bring lefty bats, superior…

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