July 26, 2021

Yankees’ Aaron Boone hoping to be in MLB bubble for a long time (New York Post)

When the Yankees return from Buffalo late next Thursday night, they will check into a New York hotel and play the final three games of the regular season while living in a bubble atmosphere.

Should they not grab the fourth seed in the AL postseason, the Yankees would open on the road and never play at Yankee Stadium again until next year because, following the first round, all playoff games will be played with teams in housing bubbles in Texas and California.

So, Aaron Boone packed two suitcases for a five-to-six week trip he hopes ends with the Yankees’ first World Series title since 2009.

“It was bye to wife, mother-in-law and kids,’’ Boone said before the Yankees topped the Blue Jays, 10-7, at Yankee Stadium on Thursday evening. “Hopefully for a little while.’’

Asked if it was tough to say so long, Boone agreed but explained it is all part of a very weird season.

Aaron Boone
Aaron BoonePaul J. Bereswill

“Yeah, but understanding we signed up for this and my family is very supportive, and with school back in and things going on, their world is very busy right now, too,’’ Boone said. “Try to make the most of FaceTime and hopefully come home with a…

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