August 5, 2021

Dodgers: Mookie Betts Doubles Down on His True Goal for 2020 (Dodgers Nation)

Mookie Betts is a Los Angeles Dodger. I’ll never grow tired of typing that sentence. Mookie is in the midst of a marvelous year for the Dodgers. In season one of Markus Lynn Betts in LA, he’s posted the second-best campaign of his career with a .987 OPS and 162 wRC+ while leading the NL in home runs with 16 in 49 games.

While the numbers and the MVP chatter is great, on Friday night, Betts reiterated that personal accolades aren’t why he’s here. He’s here for a ring.

I don’t pay any attention to [the MVP talk], I’m just doing what I can to win a World Series. I am who I am — those things, they come playing the game, you can’t think about those things and think about the game as well. I just have one goal and that’s to win a World Series and whatever comes will come.

The 2018 AL MVP make an almost immediate impact on his new Dodgers teammates back in February. It started with an impromptu speech in spring training 1.0, and continued big time in a press conference following the signing of a 12-year contract extension. Mookie is here to win championships with his team. Plural.

We’ve already seen some of the fruits of his lack of looking…

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