July 26, 2021

Dodgers: Roberts Updates on Justin Turner Out of the Lineup, Plan with Pollock (Dodgers Nation)

It’s easy to feel a little uneasy whenever a supposedly healthy Justin Turner isn’t penciled into the three hold of the Dodgers’ lineup. Thankfully, Dave Roberts said it’s nothing to be too worried about.

Here’s the full word from Doc:

JT’s out of the lineup today. He’ll be back — I haven’t decided on what role tomorrow — it’s probably gonna be DH. So he’ll DH tomorrow.

Turner has started exclusively at the DH spot since coming off the injured list with a hamstring issue. For Friday night, the plan opted to give A.J. Pollock the start at DH. Pollock, who came out of Wednesday’s contest early, is nursing a hamstring issue of his own. But he’s another guy that Roberts feels good about for this weekend.

AJ is DHing today and he’ll be in left field tomorrow night.

The two right-handed batters have been key contributors on the field and at the plate for Los Angeles this season, when healthy. The Dodgers are 25-10 with Turner in the starting lineup, and 33-13 with Pollock in action.

While winning this series in Colorado is nice, it’s not paramount to…

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