July 26, 2021

Low-profile closers who could make difference (New York Post)

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, the MLB regular season enters its final week of games, and the fantasy baseball season comes to a close. It has been a two-month whirlwind of a roller coaster with more ups and downs than most people could handle, and you should be proud of your perseverance should you sit atop your league standings.

But though the finish line is visible along the horizon, we still have work to do. Finishing strong is important, and if you are battling for the championship, every bit of help is important.

With the colossal disarray we witnessed at the closer position, the saves category could be an intriguing place to pick up some last-minute points. Whether you are playing in a mixed league or single-league format, the saves category seems bunched up in most leagues. People atop the leaderboard in the category lead by a significant margin, but the middle of the pack appears to be a close enough battle that even just one week of a saves boost could prove to be a difference-maker. And though many MLB teams have locked down their closer for the majority of the season, there are still plenty of bullpen committees from which you can mine for…

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