July 26, 2021

Theo Epstein would be perfect for Steve Cohen’s Mets: Sherman (New York Post)

Two “ifs” first:

“If” Steve Cohen gains control of the Mets by receiving the necessary 23 ownership votes and “if” he decides to remove Brodie Van Wagenen as head of baseball operations, then his priority should be securing Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein.

Talent to do a job must come first, and Epstein was the architect of two champions. But what makes him ideal for the Mets is the identity of the two champs — the cursed Red Sox and Cubs.

The Mets must stop operating as if they are hexed and a second-class citizen in New York. They need a black-cloud extraction. No one can provide credibility in that area like Epstein.

He helped make the Curses of the Bambino and Billy Goat vanish. The Yankees have not wanted to see Alex Rodriguez as Mets owner. Beware what you wish for. Imagine how the Yanks would feel, though, if Epstein showed up in their neighborhood with Cohen’s billions of dollars backing him? The Red Sox have won four titles to the Yankees’ one since Epstein helped change the narrative of that rivalry forever.

Will Cohen do this? He is not publicly providing insights. Maybe he will value continuity in the short term. When he…

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