December 5, 2020

Dodgers: Austin Barnes Confident That Julio Urías is ‘Made for this Kind of Baseball’ (Dodgers Nation)

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint a bright spot on this Dodgers team during their 2020 World Series run. There are so many guys performing at the top of their game or breaking out in big ways, it really is encouraging to see. 

But the emergence of Julio Urías during this playoff run is certainly worth discussing. Julio has appeared in 4 different playoff games and pitched a total of 16 innings. Most of those innings have come as a bulk man out of the bullpen following an opener for the Dodgers. In those 16 innings, he has allowed just 1 run and struck out 16 compared to 3 walks. 

Ahead of his Game 4 start in the World Series, Austin Barnes talked about his confidence in Julio. According to his catcher, the Dodgers know that they’re getting a big-game pitcher in Urías

I’ve always known the potential Julio has. The demeanor he has and the temperament, I thought he’s kind of made for this kind of baseball. He’s not scared out there that’s for sure. We love when Julio’s out there, he’s making big pitches for us, throwing some big innings and I think he’s going to continue to do that for us. 

For Julio, this has sort of been his biggest…

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