December 5, 2020

Players who thrived the most after being cast off by Mets: Sherman (New York Post)

Like Halloween, Justin Turner shows up every October to haunt the Mets.

It has been seven seasons since Sandy Alderson took him off the Mets’ 40-man roster, and this is Turner’s seventh straight postseason with the Dodgers since then. On Friday night, he tied Duke Snider for the franchise record of 11 postseason homers. Yes, he did it in 153 more at-bats than Snider, whose only postseason was playing in the World Series and not multiple rounds.

But Turner still has a claim as one of the best postseason performers in the club’s history, with an .894 OPS in 69 games. He also has an .886 OPS as a Dodger, leaving him with a 139 OPS-plus, which is sixth all-time (minimum 3,000 plate appearances) in franchise history just behind, yep, Snider at 142.

This got me to thinking about who has done the best after leaving the Mets without much distinction. A ground rule: Like Turner, I wanted to limit this to mainly players with limited or no accomplishments with the Mets, who then transformed into something special after their exit. So that removes Tom Seaver, for example, but also David Cone, Lenny Dykstra, Daniel Murphy and Tug McGraw. Hubie Brooks had a third-place Rookie of…

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