December 4, 2020

How Do Dodgers Fans Feel About a Potential Trade for Nolan Arenado? (Dodgers Nation)

It’s been an interesting year if you’re a Dodgers fan. We went from the thought of no baseball to winning our first World Series since 1988. From thoughts of Mookie Betts never playing a regular-season game in Dodger blue to locking him up for the next 12 years.

Overall, you can say that life has been pretty good for Dodger nation. There haven’t been many things for fans to disagree on lately, but that all changed with the latest hot stove rumors.

With more and more respected baseball personnel reporting the connection between Nolan Arenado and LA, the rumors seem to have some truth to them. In fact, some around the sport even believe that Arenado will be a Dodger as early as Christmas.

Naturally, fans have had different reactions to the possibility of trading for Arenado. While he is a great player, the thought of having to forfeit signing one of our homegrown stars later on would make it a hard pill to swallow. With this in mind, we decided to reach out and ask how fans felt about a potential move for the All-Star third baseman.

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