March 1, 2021

MLB needs more Black managers. Here’s why it won’t be me right now (ESPN)

I check all of the boxes.

I played nine seasons in the big leagues with the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers.

I have experience as an executive subcommittee member in the Major League Baseball Players Association and am well-versed in baseball governance.

I have an Ivy League degree at a time when that means a lot for executive opportunity in baseball.

I’ve been a candidate before, and I believe I have the voice and drive to be an excellent major league manager.

But I can’t be your candidate right now.

That truth has a lot to do with another box I check: Black father.

As is the case with any potential manager who has young children, the stress of considering a position that keeps you away from home is real. The significance of missing major milestones in their lives and the guilt of putting so much on your spouse makes even the greatest job a compromise.

But as a Black father in 2021, this compromise becomes a deal-breaker for me.

How can I leave my children for extended periods of time when, every day, the poison of racism makes me fear for their safety?

The past year has been one of racial reckoning in America. But in the Black experience, much of what we…

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