March 8, 2021

Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Jr Worries the Mets Will Swoop in on Justin Turner (Dodgers Nation)

Every day that the Dodgers don’t sign Justin Turner, it seems stranger and stranger. The fact that JT didn’t sign immediately with Los Angeles seemed to indicate that Turner is open to other options and that LA could be ready to move on.  

Turner will likely have plenty of suitors looking for a quality right-handed bat on the market. While his defense at third is in steep decline, he can still bring some value with the leather. The fact that he reportedly wants a 4-year deal would not make him and the Dodgers a match for a deal. 

For SportsNet LA’s Jerry Hairston Jr, he still believes that Turner will be back with the Dodgers. But as he talked about today with John Hartung, he worries that a former team of JT’s with big pockets could steal him away. 

My heart is telling me that he will re-sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers, I really believe that they will get it done. But the longer this goes on and drags out, the team that scares me is the New York Mets. Steve Cohen and that franchise are trying to make moves and will make a couple more to bolster their lineup. If Justin Turner is sitting right there, they could cement him at third base for a couple…

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