March 9, 2021

Sifting through the fallout of Mets’ Jared Porter disaster (New York Post)

The Mets fired general manager Jared Porter on Tuesday morning, just hours after an ESPN report revealed Porter had sent unsolicited, explicit text messages to a female reporter in 2016 while he was working for the Cubs. The first Mets dumpster fire of the Steve Cohen era generated some questions. Here are some answers:

Q: Why didn’t the Mets learn of this when they were interviewing Porter for their GM opening?

A: Team president Sandy Alderson said Tuesday that the Mets conducted a background check on Porter and asked him, “Is there anything else we need to know?” although he wasn’t asked specifically about his electronic communication. Porter, who had successfully hidden this incident for over four years, replied essentially that he had no skeletons lurking in his closet.

Q: Will the Mets conduct more thorough investigations in the future?

A: Yup. “We need to rethink what constitutes well-vetted,” Alderson said, and he spoke of “FBI-type investigations” that could be done with the applicant’s consent.

Jared Porter
Jared Porter

Q: Alderson’s initial statement on Monday night, which cited Porter’s contrition and long-ago apology,…

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