March 8, 2021

Dodgers: Blake Snell Says the Rays Handed the World Series to Los Angeles (Dodgers Nation)

Blake Snell being pulled in Game 6 of the World Series will be remembered as one of the biggest managerial blunders in recent history. With the Dodgers trailing by a run in the 6th innings, Kevin Cash made the premature decision of going to his bullpen. The rest is history. 

Understandably, Snell probably has some negative feelings with Cash pulling him. He had struck out 9 Dodgers and allowed just 1 hit before an Austin Barnes single knocked him out. In short, he was absolutely mowing down Los Angeles hitters. 

Snell recently made an appearance on the R2C2 podcast with CC Sabathia to talk about the World Series. Now with the Padres, Snell insists multiple times that the Rays were in a really good position to beat the Dodgers in that series if not for him being pulled. So much so, that he felt that they just handed the World Series over to them. 

I just remember I called my dad when we got to the hotel we talked for a minute, and I didn’t really say much. I didn’t have nothing to say, I was just like ‘we really just handed them the World Series’. That’s how it felt.

The Rays would have had Charlie Morton going in Game 7 if they were able to beat the…

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