March 9, 2021

Talking Collective Bargaining With Labor Lawyer Eugene Freedman (MLB Trade Rumors)

Eugene Freedman serves as counsel to the president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, and also writes about baseball labor relations in his spare time.  On January 19th, Eugene was kind enough to chat via phone with me and answer my collective bargaining questions.  If you’re interested in baseball’s labor talks, I recommend following Eugene on Twitter.

Tim Dierkes: Can you explain your background a little bit?

Eugene Freedman: Sure. So I work for a national labor union, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. I work in the office of the president and handle a lot of different things, including collective bargaining for the union. I’ve been involved over the course of my career in approximately nine term contract negotiations and not all of them with the air traffic controllers. When I was in law school, back in, I guess it was the fall of 98, I clerked at the National Labor Relations Board full-time. So I have some experience being on the side of the…

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