March 8, 2021

Dodgers: Justin Turner Reportedly Has 4 Teams to Choose From in Free Agency (Dodgers Nation)

The race to sign Justin Turner has been slow and steady this offseason. While the Dodgers continue to monitor his market and offers, JT is ultimately searching out a contract that will lead him into retirement. 

The veteran third baseman has reportedly been seeking a 4-year deal from other teams to pry him away from the Dodgers. The general consensus is that JT would take an offer for fewer years to play in Los Angeles if other teams don’t meet the 4-year criteria. 

As it turns out, Turner’s choices may be limited to just 4 teams. Jon Heyman reported today that aside from the Dodgers, JT has 3 more options that he will consider as a part of the free-agent process. The Toronto Blue Jays are 1 of the other teams that Turner has at least been in contact with. 

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That report obviously leads to a lot of questions than actually providing answers. The Dodgers are still in on him, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus on who the other teams might be. The Blue Jays have help around the infield but don’t necessarily have a true third baseman ready to go.

The Mets were a team that JT has…

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